Chitrakoot Tourism

Chitrakoot Tourism


Chitrakoot is located over the districts of Banda in Uttar Pradesh. Many places Chitrakoot tourist spots. Chitrakoot holds great importance according to Hindu mythology and the epic Ramayana. According to Ramayana, Chitrakoot was the place where Bharata, brother of Ram came to visit Ram and ask him to come back to Ayodhya and rule the kingdom. It is also believed that the principal gods of Hindus, (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) took incarnations here. This divine city is also known as the ‘Hill of many wonders’ and it totally justifies the name.

Chitrakoot mountain range has numerous places of great religious importance like Bharat Milap Temple, Hanuman Dhara, Janki Kund and much more. It is indeed the gift of nature and the gods. This is the place where Goswami Tulsidas, author of ‘The Ramcharitmanas‘, spent many years of his life. There are many lively fairs which are organized on different occasions and festivals.Not many know that Chitrakoot is also home to the only university in the world specially made for the differently abled, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University. To sum up, Chitrakoot is the rare destination, which will never cease to surprise you. Overall, Chitrakoot is a perfect blend of divinity, serenity, and an exquisite beauty.

Tourist Attraction 


Kamadgiri Temple

Kamadgiri is a forested hill with the base surrounded by multiple Hindu temples on all sides and is considered to be the heart of Chitrakoot. The name is derived from Kamadnathji, another name of Lord Rama and it meant fulfiller of all wishes.

People perform Parikrama around this hill with the belief that all their sorrows will be ended and their wishes will come true by doing so. There are several temples on the 5 kilometres path of the Parikrama, one of them is the famous Bharat milaap temple, where Bharat met lord Ram and convinced him to come back to his kingdom.

Hanuman Dhara Temple

There is a stream of water falling upon the deity of lord Hanuman releasing in a kund and there are langoors in this area which are well associated with Hanuman, the monkey God. Hanuman Dhara is the name of the spring which sprouted from a rock when Lord Ram shot an arrow into it to calm down an enraged Hanuman when he came to this place to extinguish the fire that was caught in his tail after he returned from burning Lanka.



Around 4 km from Gupt Godavari, there is a beautiful place called Marpha, that is famous for its natural beauty and sparkling waterfalls.  There are many places to see in Marpha, like the Jal Mochan Sarovar, 5 faced statue of Lord Shankar and Shri Balaji mandir. You will also find ruins of a fort, that is believed to be built by the Chandela kings.

Marpha is quite popular with both the locals and the tourists alike. Plan a picnic with your family or friends and spend a nice and engaging day exploring the fort ruins, paying a visit to the temples and spending a relaxing time by the waterfall.


Mandakini river is lined up by ghats called Ramghat. Ramghat is where lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman appeared in front of the famous poet Tulsidas and he used to sit on the river side and write Ram Charitra Manas.

The fragrance of incense sticks and the hymn of holy chants by the saints in saffron clothes makes the soul calm and touched. You can go for boating in the river and enjoy the beauty of this place until the evening and attend the arti with beautiful diya lightings, sounds of bell and holy chants.


Janki kund

Janaki kund is situated along the banks of Mandakini river and it is believed that this is where goddess Sita used to bathe during the period of exile. One can also see marks of footprints by the river side which are believed to be hers.

Sphatik Shila

Sphatik Shila is a place with two massive rocks which are believed to have the footprints of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. Sphatik Shila literally means crystal rock and is located amidst dense forests, close to Janki Kund on the banks of river Mandakini.

It is said that Sita and Rama were relaxing here and a crow pecked the feet of goddess Sita which agitated lord Rama and he took off the eyes of the crow, however the crow was actually a form of Jayant, son of Lord Indra.

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Gupt Godavari

Although Chitrakoot is primarily a spiritual destination, there are some hidden surprises for bold travelers, especially those with a taste for adventurous, sometimes risky trips. Among such surprises is the series of caves named Gupt Godavari. One would be surprised as to how this cave is largely unknown to the world, despite its mystic charm matching the likes of Elephanta caves, Ajanta and Ellora caves as the list goes on. This is a place that is slowly emerging as one of the most popular destinations of India, owing to the enigmatic charm of nature. So if you’re visiting _Chitrakoot, don’t even dare to miss this site.


Rajapur is a small town located in the Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh. What makes this quaint settlement famous is the fact that it is the birthplace of Goswami Tulsidas, the prolific writer of Sri Ram Charit Manas and the Hanuman Chalisa. A small temple dedicated to Tulsidas is present here and is the main attraction of this place.


Bharat Milap Temple

Believed to the place of the meeting of four brothers during the period of exile of Lord Rama, Bharat Milaap Temple is a very important temple of Chitrakoot. Located along the Parikrama of Kamadgiri, a visit to this temple is must here. One can also see the footprints of Lord Rama and his family here.

Ganesh Bagh

Located just 11 km on the Karvi-Devangana road, Ganeshbagh is a place with a architecturally beautiful temple, baoli with seven storeys and ruins of a palace exist. The whole complex was built by Peshwa Vinayak Rao as a summer retreat and is also known locally as mini-Khajuraho.


Sati Anusuya temple

The story of Anusuya says that she sprinkled some special water over the holy trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar and this led to their incarnations. Also it is said that Anusuya offered sincere dedication to praise the god to end famine and thus the town was blessed with the river Mandakini.

Kalinjar Fort

Standing close to the World Heritage site of Khajuraho, the fort is located on the Vindhya mountain range. Built on an isolated rocky hill, Kalinjar fort soars up to a height of 1203 ft, overlooking the Bundelkhand plains. Dating as far back as 150 to 250 CE, this fort can be counted amongst the oldest forts in the country. It served many ruling dynasties in the region, from Guptas to Solankis to the Chandela dynasty. The Kalinjar Fort is a must-visit place for all those who like to spend their time discovering the hidden secrets along amidst the architectural ruins of the oldest monument in the history of the country. One is likely to find the experience exhilarating and amazing. 


Bharat Kup

A small temple along with a well, Bharat Koop is located few kilometers away from the town. It is believed that it was this place where Bharat stored water from all pilgrimage places in Chitrakut, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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