Kushinagar Tourism

Kushinagar Tourism


Kushinagar (also known as Kusinagar, Kusinara, Kasia and Kasia Bazar) is a pilgrimage town and a Notified Area Council in the Kushinagar district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and is 52 km east of Gorakhpur city. The name of “Kasia Bazaar” was changed to Kushinagar and then Kasia Bazaar became a municipality with the official name Kushinagar.

It is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, where Buddhists believe Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana after his death. It is an international Buddhist pilgrimage centre. The followers of Buddhism, especially from Asian countries, wish to visit this place at least once in their lifetime.

Tourist Attraction


Parinirvana Stupa and Parinirvana Temple

Parinirvana Stupa is a Buddhist temple in Kushinagar, India which is said to be the death place of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Alexander Cunningham gains the most attention for his work in the area, because he conclusively proved that Gautama Buddha had died in the area. The present temple was built by the Indian Government in 1956 as part of the commemoration of the 2,500th year of the Mahaparinivana or 2500 BE (Buddhist Era). Inside this temple, there is Reclinging Buddha image lying on its right side with the head to the north. The statue is 6.1 m long and rests on a stone couch.

Mahaparinirvana Temple

The highlight of this modest temple, rebuilt in 1927 and set among extensive lawns and ancient excavated ruins with a circumambulatory path, is its serene 5th-century reclining Buddha, unearthed in 1876. Six metres long, it depicts Buddha on his ancient death-bed and is one of the world’s most moving Buddhist icons. At sunset, monks cover the statue to the shoulders with a long saffron-coloured silk sheet, as though putting Buddha to bed for the night.


Japanese Temple

Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the destinations which are considered to be quite holy for the Buddhists. It is believed that Lord Buddha uttered his last words in Kushinagar. A city of Stupas and Temples, it is one of the major tourist attractions that attract travelers from all over. One of the important temples in Kushinagar is the Japanese Temple, Kushinagar. Indianholiday.com offers online information on Japanese Temple, Kushinagar and other tourist attractions of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India.

Wat Thai Temple

One of the most beautiful and much visited destinations is the Wat Thai Temple, Kushinagar. One of the famous temples in Uttar Pradesh as well as the Indian sub continent it is centrally located in Kushinagar and attracts tourists from all over. The Wat Thai Temple, Kushinagar, can be seen from everywhere in Kushinagar which makes it all the more interesting. This is one of the holy places in Kushinagar.


Ramabhar Stupa

Ramabhar Stupa, Kushinagar is more than 50 feet high and stands on a high mound that faces the road. This road joins Kushinagar with Deoria. The Ramabhar Stupa, Kushinagar is built to mark the actual cremation site. From the ancient Buddhist texts one gets to know that the Ramabhar Stupa, Kushinagar has been referred to as the Mukut-Bandhan Vihar. Near the Ramabhar Stupa, Kushinagar, there is a sheet of water which is the Ramabhar Jheel that completely dries up in the hot summer months. According to the legends, the word Ramabhar might be derived from this pond or the mound. Some people even associate the name with the event of Lord Buddha’s death.

Matha Kuar Shrine

Just about 400 yards from the Parinirvana Stupa is the Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar. One of the most interesting destinations in Kushinagar is the Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar. Here you can get to see a large 6 meters statue of Lord Buddha carved out of Stucco and Chunar stone. The statue shows Buddha in Bhumi Sparsha Mudra of Buddha which is believed to describe the last few moments of his life before attaining the salvation. According to legends it is believed that Lord Buddha preached his last sermon here before his death. The Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar is believed to be of 10th century A.D. and still today it attracts tourists from all over. Tourists consider this as one of the important monuments in Kushinagar.


Birla Temple

Amidst the 5th century old Stupas and sculptures, monuments and relics, the Birla Temple, Kushinagar is one of the newest additions that add to the beauty of this holy city. Built by the Birlas, this temple is close to the nirvana site of Gautam Buddha. Dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Birla Temple, Kushinagar has a marble statue of Lord Shiva sitting in an erect posture on tiger flash cousin. The “dhyana” position of Shiva shows he is meditating and this posture leads to the communion of Jivatma or your soul to the Lord’s soul or Parmatma.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden, Kushinagar is one of the rock gardens in Kushinagar. The kids like the ambience of this place. The beautiful greenery all around and sculpted rock figures with a quaint Oriental touch makes the Japanese Garden, Kushinagar quite unique and beautiful.

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Kushinagar Museum

The Kushinagar Museum, Kushinagar was built a few years back and finally restored in 1992-93. You can get a glimpse of the Buddhist icons, architectural remains, bronzes, clay seals and Buddhist Thangkas or banner paintings in the Kushinagar Museum, Kushinagar. From ancient coins of the Mallas to the sculpted image of Lord Buddha, the Kushinagar Museum is one of the ideal destinations for the tourists. There is a Stucco statue of Lord Buddha in the meditation posture in the Kushinagar Museum, Kushinagar.

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